Nut slot may be cut a bit low. No issues with the string except when it's open?
You need a neck adjustment, I wouldn't attempt this unless you are experienced. Maybe take it into your local store and have them check it out. You either need the neck tightened a bit or the finger nut was filed out too deep on that string.
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Loosen the truss rod a quarter turn and put carmex in the slot. Boom.

Righty tirghty lefty losy?
Maybe two quarter turns.... Sounds like the string is smacking the frets from a back bow of the neck, on the lower frets. If u loosen the truss rod just a wee bit, it will raise the action especially toward the lower frets. If your neck is too tite, you can tell by picking up your guitar and using the body as the headstock, and the headstock as the body. Try to play all the notes up and down on every string. If it frets out, ur neck is too tite. Ur guitar will definantly sound wierd, and ppl will look at u funny, but its just for educational purposes.
You either have a low nut slot or a high fret somewhere down the line. If it's just one string, it's not the relief, so belay the truss rod adjustment. Have a tech check.