Budget- under $400

Favorite Artists- She likes Metallica, Disturbed, etc.

Preferences- She's played on my guitars and says she wants thin neck. I was thinking fixed bridge would also be good but I guess blocking isn't that much of a hassle. So I guess Ibanez, ESP, maybe Charvel?

Pickups- no preference

New or Used

Located in San Marcos Tx. 30 min from Austin and 45 min from San Antonio

Current Gear- She has a First Act guitar, doesn't really matter what model. She hates it. She also just got a Peavey Vypyr

She's also pretty big in to the aesthetics. So if it's "pretty", that's also a plus.

I was looking at the reviews on this site and all I see are low budget guitars being given low ratings because they being compared to more expensive ones. Every time I find a guitar I think looks good, it has a <7 rating. It seems on low-budget amps there is always one or two that everyone pretty much agrees on, or the "go-to". Is there a guitar or two with the same respect?

Thanks for the help!
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used ltd 400 series would be great.
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A Godin Redline HB is a well made (made in Canada), good looking, hardtail Superstrat with a pair of hot humbuckers and a slender neck.

New, they're @$500. Used, they're under $400.

I addition, Fernandes- a company that generally caters to hard rockers- is having a clearance sale on limited quantities of their guitars via their direct sales website. The prices are stoopid low, but when a model sells out, that's it. They're mostly MiK.

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Good deal on this BC ASM from Guitar Center used..

Construction: neck-through
Body wood: Mahogany
Top style: flat top
Tuners: Grover

Fretboard: ebony
Frets: 24 jumbo
Scale: 25 1/2"

Bridge: Floyd Rose Original
Pickups: EMG 85 neck, 81 bridge
Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone