How would I go about slightly lowering the action on my takamine G series bass it is ok at the nut end and a bit too high for me at the end where the body is. Also is there a way to stop it changing to much and need altering again.

Also the intonation (or whatever it's called seems out the harmonic on 12 isn't the same as fretted. Sharp or flat on different strings but the fretted note is correct. Maybe I should leave it.
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Any acoustic guitar or bass, with a traditional "one bar across" bridge, is a pain to set up because of its lack of adjustability. To lower the string height, you will have to file down the underside of the bridge, which is likely made of plastic and sits in the bridge saddle mounting. But if you take too much off, then the strings will buzz against the bridge saddle mounting. Leave it to a very good technician and ask before he or she starts filing. It may be that the job is more trouble and money than it will be worth to you.

If your intonation is off - and what you describe certainly suggests this - then you have a similar problem. Without adjustable bridge saddles for each string, setting the intonation is difficult; if not impossible. You will need to get a compensated acoustic bass bridge blade; assuming that someone makes one that fits your bass. Having one custom made is possible, but it might be very expensive. As with the string height adjustment, talk to your guitar/bass technician first.
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The G series also has a truss rod adjustment accessible through the sound hole. You may be able to pull the neck back a bit. If the string height is tolerable, leave it and play it; you'll get more acoustic volume, and it'll strengthen your fingers/hands. The string height on my G is ~1/4" off the board at the octave. And if the intonation is really bothering you... pull the frets!
I'll leave it I'll make it worse and when I look down the neck it seems to bow a bit outward a away from strings in the middle but maybe it's just me I have no buzzing or difficulty playing really so I suppose I can leave it. It's only a bit difficult past the 14th fret.