I'm watching the show Louie and there is a scene where he jumps onto a motor-trike, I have seen them before but I don't know the name of them. Is it motor-trike or is there another name?
They were called Trikes, most were phased out due to horrible instability when turning, they are prone to rolling on top of you. I honestly don't think I have seen a new built trike since some point in the 80s. Most three wheel applications flip it around now to put the two wheels in the front and the one in the rear as this corrects the instability issue.
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That's all I've ever called them. They're terrible, really. ne14t already nailed the important points.

The offroad trikes were fun as shit though. really, really dangerous, but fun

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A trike has two rear wheels, I haven't seen that particularly episode yet but if I'm looking at the right screen grabs he rides a Can-Am Spyder which is basically a reverse trike but probably a patented design (that is, I haven't seen any other dual front wheel bikes on the roads yet.)

It's basically a bike for old/old-at-heart people.
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It's called a trike and they are very common.

Harley has a factory Trike and California sidecars is pretty big in making them.

It's normally used by people who have trouble holding a bike up, but they have a certain following among others.

Their major advantage is they almost never roll over or fall down unless you are drunk enough to ride one into a ditch.

Their major disadvantage is the lack of countersteer.
If you still dont know by now they're called trikes.
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Can-Am Spyders are pretty big nowadays. I guess the idea is that they're like motorcycles, but safer and easier to ride and less fun.

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