Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever used one of these and has an opinion on it? Current gear is a fender Baja telecaster/gretsch g5422tdc , a fender pro junior amp and a boss me 70 pedal board. I play lots of indie music such as the smiths , oasis , Arctic monkeys but also some punk stuff such as the clash , SLF and the sex pistols along with mod stuff such as the who , the jam and the kinks. Was looking at it since the projunior doesn't have any gain/equaliser controls and I feel it would be better than the cosm amp models on the me70. Could pick it up used for around £55 in my local pawn shop. Thanks in advance
Fender Baja Telecaster
Gretsch G5422tdc
Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster
Vox AC15C1