Ok... Here's the deal. I have a few Gibson Les Pauls and I love them, however I have recently seen a new LP Traditional Pro II now being offered by Guitar Center for $1800. Here is a link...


The one that I am thinking of selling to acquire it is a 2008 Les Paul Standard Premium Plus in Iced Tea Burst. Here's a link...


So I'm torn. The new Trad Pro II has all of the cool coil splits and the meh, boost circuit; but I recall that mine was near $3k when I bought it new, and these are only $1800 new. So what gives. Is mine that much better than these? Are these crap?

My other option is to send mine off to have it re-wired with the coil splits. This guy (JoneseyBlues) does a great job...


So... I'd love to hear what you guys think. Should I sell my '08 and get the new '13 trad pro II, or have my '08 re-wired?
As long as you have pickups that have enough wires coming out of them, wiring in coil splits involves replacing a couple of pots with push-pulls. That's it.

I don't know where you're located, but it should be a relatively easy, quick and inexpensive job that could be handled by a local tech; no need to send your guitar off somewhere and spend for shipping, insurance and the manicure necessary after the nail-biting worrying over whether it will make it back intact.

The boost circuit is just as easy, and you'll end up with a 9V battery and a tiny circuit board in your control cavity.

I thought so too. Mine has a kind of translucent cover on the back and at first glance, it looks like it has regular Pots in it. So, I took the over off and saw that the pots are mounted to a circuit board instead of a grounding plate. At that point, I bailed and screwed the cover back on.

So... mine seems to be more than just four pots and a couple of caps.
I've also replaced the tone controls with gold reflector cap bell knobs, and top-wrapped the bridge. I still have the original knobs and can re-string it... for what it's worth.
Really?!?!? No useful responses? Surely I'd think you guys would know the differences between the 2008 Standard and the 2013 Pro II Plus.

Sad... :-(
Quote by radwarrior
Really?!?!? No useful responses? Surely I'd think you guys would know the differences between the 2008 Standard and the 2013 Pro II Plus.

Sad... :-(

i thought dspellman answered your questions.

otherwise the 2008 standard is a fully chambered les paul and quite different from the current trad pro. the big difference being the amount of mahogany that has been routed from the body.

the current trad pro ii is either fully solid or has swiss cheese holes. i've seen it argued both ways but you can't go off of gibson's we site imo. at this point the only thing i trust is an x-ray when it comes to gibson body routes.

other than that, neck profiles, pups, etc are probably different as well.
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I know that I have a 2013 Traditional pro II... When I bought mine I played a Standard, a Studio and a couple of Pro II's that they had, and the 60's neck and the feel is what sold me. The Traditional line, I believe aren't chambered... I could be wrong, but it's freakin' heavy for sure and heavier than the Standard I played along side it... and sustains forever... the split function makes the guitar extremely versatile.. no problem for me going from Enter Sandman to SRV Crossfire and getting the sound close to either... The 10db Boost is useful to me.. not so much for the volume jump, but it boosts a couple of frequencies that really give my sound an extra growl that I like... and it's pretty good on batteries... If it were stolen from me, I'd beat the guy to death with my Epi, and take my guitar back.. LOL

Hope it helps..
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That does help. Thank you! I love my 2008 and want to keep it as well as get a new 2013 Trad Pro II, but unfortunately I can't afford both.