Hey guys,

I'm currently in the process of creating a new effects setup which consists of a phaser, delay, wah and a volume pedal. (at this point in time, future will have more surely)

Im interested in the Boss FV-500L/H but stuck with this impedance stuff.
I'm reading too much conflicting info.

I have 2 guitars, one with active pickups, and one without, and its all run through a 120W randall half stack. (of course again, in future this may change)

Ive read its better for the 500L with active pickups and in series with my effects or something?
But then a lot of people are just saying go with the 500H.

Im attaching a pic of how I think its correct to run my effects and questioning where the volume should be placed (im pretty new to the effects game, so if you see anything you could suggest please do)

So what I need is
-If im running all this correctly?
-What pedal to get?

But yeh, i just need some help with one one to get.

Thanks heaps, sorry for a big post but really want a straight, well explained answer.

Effects Setup.jpg
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