I like the reverb you put on the guitar. Keeping it dead center in the mix puts the track down some though. Split the guitar, or even add a second guitar track and pan them left/right channels, then keep the vocals toward the center and make them surround that area some. The panning of the song as is, is very odd.

Drums are good, but way too repetitive after the first minute. I do hear potential for this song. You have a good voice, but try and cancel out that unwanted fuzz in the vocal track, because that's very noticeable. Great solo. I like that tone, and the delay used is awesome, but is a little bit too strong after a minute. Great delay ideas though; the ending of said solo sounded a lot like an ambulance alarm.

Very nice. It has an old, light rock feel, like an Eagles song. Then there's that totally kick ass solo at the end - very nice, all the effects are interesting and work with the song and give it a modern sound. I love the blend.

My only complaint is the drums are little boring, repetitive. The beat is fine, but I would have liked to hear a few fills, add in some toms here and there, just something to break it up a little. But that's it man, the song sounds great.

C4C? Bound and Loved
I thought the guitar parts were good. When the vocals came in, I felt that they were in the wrong place, like made the music feel flat. Not sure how to fix it, just wanted the song to be more 3 dimensional.

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