I've been playing guitar for years and George Harrison is kind of my idol. Anyway although I can play a lot of stuff, my knowledge of the instrument is kind of limited. I know my fair share of chords, all the main ones at least and certain variations but I want to learn more. I basically want to learn inversions, understand how shapes transform up the neck. Same chords inverted higher and higher. Does anyone know a book that can teach me all chords and variations, with inversions etc. I know a lot of information can be found online but I have a difficult time learning off web screens, I'd rather have something in paper form I can pick up and read.
How to write Songs on the Guitar by Rikky Rooksby. You can get it on Amazon and it's not too expensive, covers a lot of chords and how to put them together and use them, it's good.

no charge at this site..

more info about chords than you will ever be able to use in a lifetime and HOW to use them - from simple to ultra complex .. great inversion charts.. and lots of info about music in general-jazz classical blues rock-applied to guitar ...

ted greene was a super instructor and still has the admiration of many "super" guitarists..
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I dont know which book you can use, but you may try looking into rythm guitar and music theory all alone.
This is the book I learned on. Very comprehensive regarding chord position, composition, and learning basic theory.


This is another book I own (an older version) that's also very good.

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