Right, so i'm a one man band . 2 if you count my looper.

I've recently composed a few songs, and what most of them are like is :

a small 30-40 second intro, a 20 second verse then a chord progression which i loop on my looper pedal, and then i play lead / solo over that progression for 2-3 mins. and a 20 second outro.

And in one of my other songs, its straight from intro --> Progression --> Lead/solo

Now my question is, if i compare this to any of the songs i listen to, it's very different ( Although these bands have 4-5 people ) Song structure in most modern music goes Intro > Verse > Chorus > Interlude > Solo > outro ( or sometimes another verse then outro )

Is what i'm doing now wrong? ( I know it's different ) , but is it wrong? I think i'd do differently being in a full formed band. But when all i have is a looper pedal to accompany me, and i don't want my music to sound dull ( having only one guitar in ) i tend to go the way i'm going now. P.s - i'm really happy with the material i'm composing .

Opinions / Advice if you're against my method please. Thanks!
Something's good because it's different, not bad because it's different. Especially with music.
I wouldn't over think it, song structure is useful when you need help to piece a song together you can call each section whatever you want someone may interpret it different. What I'd be more concerned about is how interesting is your song with a 4 minute solo over a chord progression. You could have a nice and emotional 20 second outro but I would've tuned out by then.
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that's only weird if all you listen to is pop music.

it's good that you're happy with what you're composing (that should always come first), but if you're really thinking something might be off, you should get other people to listen to it and see whether they think your structuring needs help. we can't tell you that there's a structure problem without actually listening to the song, because context changes everything.

why don't you post your stuff and exchange critiques in the Original Recordings forum?
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Thanks a bunch for putting me at ease! and yeah visible i'll definetly do that.

Thanks Guys!
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If it SOUNDS good, it IS good. That's all that matters in music.

This. Don't restrict yourself by stuff you think is "right" or "wrong". I've been there and it's not the way to go.
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i'm really happy with the material i'm composing.

That's awesome, I'd say continue on and stop worrying about it.