Some of your vocals remind me of Thomas Dolby (a compliment), sometimes Paul McCartney (a compliment), high vocals: one of the Deep Purple singers (a compliment). Good singing! Part of this song sounds like 60's surf music (I like it). I like the melodies & guitar tones/riffs/playing. Nice song! Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Thanks fellas. I think this one is a bit too "Indie" I'm told..to be the commercial-radio tune that I originally thought it was. I'm hearing from other folks that it's too Jekyll and Hyde for mainstream audiences. I really didn't expect that.

Thanks for your ear and honest critique.
Cool unique sound you got going there. I like the soft loud dynamics, reminds me of Nirvana with your own twist and sound of course. I think the song could use a solid "sing along" chorus. The chorus your going with in the song is more of a pre chorus/bridge, its building but there's no climax. It doesn't sound bad per say, but leaves the song a bit empty as a whole. It's definitely got a unique vibe to it, but without that Chorus its going to remain a more indie song. There's nothing wrong with that, im trying to open the envelope with my own music and experiment with structure and songwriting, but I have to find that balance, so I think you and I are a bit similar in our songwriting, we need to find that balance.

Other than that I had no compliments, good melodies, good production, guitars are great etc..

Great singing by the way, I've always struggled trying to find that edge to my singing voice but also have a wide range, you got both man, use that gift well, not many have it.
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