hello, i got a epiphone sheraton (black) for christmas, and im loving the neck pickup, has that proper blues tone, but role the tone of on overdrive and it sings. im not to keen on the bridge pickup though, its not rubbish, just doesn't cut it, i have seymour duncans in my LP copy, and i love the JB, but would a JB just be a feedback monster? the pickups that are in it are as is. i play a lot of different styles, but i use this guitar for blues, jazz and smooth ballad type stuff, im not after a pickup that is out of this world powerful, just one that sings like the neck pickup, but keeps that in your face sound. i dont know if any of this makes sense, because i feel i have not worded this right hahahaha. im using a fender 100 watt twin valve amp.

any help would be great.