So, I'm transcribing this song to guitar pro and am in doubt about the time signature in the 0:50-1:05 mark. I've counted two bars of 5/8 and one of 5/4 but sometimes it sound like two bars of 5/4. When I play the song along to the guitar pro file it just doesn't sound right. I will put the gp along with a pdf to anyone who wants to check.
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Paranoia Shields.pdf
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Paranoia Shields.gp5
Seems like 5/4, or if you want to deconstruct it, a 3/4 followed by a 2/4.
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Seems like 5/4, or if you want to deconstruct it, a 3/4 followed by a 2/4.

That's what I did at first, but when played along with the gp file it never worked.
K it's like

0:00-0:05 - 5/4, 7/4 or what else adds up to this
0:05-1:07 - 5/4 the whole thing
1:07-1:31 - 4/4
1:31-2:03 - 5/4
2:03-3:59 - 4/4 (lots of syncopation in some parts)
3:59-4:01 - 5/4 one bar
4:01-4:26 - 4/4

It's easier to work with if you tab out drums first and have the rhythms figured out

Edit: That riff at 0:50 is just 5+5 and 7+3 (in eights) and you can write it in 5/8 or 3/4+2/4 or like 5/8+5/8+7/8+3/8 etc - I'd just keep it at 5/4 as it's how I hear it and there's no need to change
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Also, when you transcribe those drums, if you can narrow down the feel (i.e. eighth note feel, sixteenth note feel) you can start transcribing a bar by filling it up with eighth note rests (or whatever the feel is) in GP and then start trying to place the notes that way. That's the way I tab drums in GP anyways... just makes it easier.
fanapathy - Thanks for the help. The time signatures probably will make much more sense when I transcribe the drums.

STONESHAKER - That's pretty much what I do as well