I use this guitar pedal with my bass as a distortion pedal and not a real auto wah or synth. I think it's really nice and I can recommend it.

I won't really mention anything about the auto wah settings as I am not into that, but the possibilities are quite big, or at least I think so.

But the gain/distortion that the pedal provides is fantastic!

You can also, with certain settings, make your bass have a really poppy floppy sound, like Fieldy does, without any dropped tunings.

Anybody used this?

Or any other auto wah as a distortion?
An auto wah is really just an envelope filter, so it does have some of the same properties as a distortion box. But I have not come across anyone who used it for that. It is best suited to making synth sounds with your bass; something that some of them do better than others.
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