I was at two music shops today looking for a new acoustic guitar. After testing lots of buzzing, high action guitars I liked two: Fender CD-60 and Yamaha F-370. Both Yamaha and Fender were great, they didn't loose pitch even on 14th fret, action was low enough (which was good etc.

Mainly I don't play in standard tuning, I use open tunings a lot, where I often play barre cords based on using only index finger at all strings in a fret, and it was quite hard for me to push all strings enough only on 1st fret while playing Fender guitar, but with Yamaha I had no problem.

The question is: Should I buy cheaper Fender, and switch for lighter strings or make any other adjustments counting on better results, or scrimp and save and buy Yamaha?

Thank you in advance
My brother has an F-370 and it really is an excellent guitar for the money. Yamaha IMO have far Superior build quality to anything else in the lower end guitar market.
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