Is there a comfy way of holding a jumbo acoustic bass sitting my arm or wrist gets big indents that get all red and achy from the weight just all resting on the edge. It's a G series Takamine so you can probably see why I can't get a comfy position
Well; they're really no bigger than most acoustic guitars, so one is stuck with the same positions. Yes, the sharp edge of the back is going to dig in sometimes, but that is the price we pay for our music!
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I regularly do 3+ hour gigs with a Takamine B10 with no issues. Clearly it's in the way you're holding the bass, or putting weight on your arm. Pics?
I usually play standing up with a thick leather strap. That said, my Ibanez SGBE110 isn't particularly heavy or cumbersome.
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Pictures would help. As a 5'4" female, I have issues with larger acoustics like the Dean. They are really cumbersome for me to play. But I don't see the issues you are talking about.