I am currently looking for a new guitar, I mainly play acoustic and I only want one to for home use and to play with my mates with. I don't really want to spend a load of cash on a guitar that will only get used a couple of times a week/month. I currently have a Johnson strat replica and a drive 10 watt amp that cost about £80 and its a piece of crap. I was thinking of the epiphone les paul special ii, I don't want to spend much more than £100 if I can help it. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any help would be hugely appreciated!! Cheers
Depends on what style of music you're into, whether you play lead or rhythm, and personal preference.

Because I'm an 80s metal guy I'll reccommend an '87 Kramer pacer.
I have the Epiphone les paul special II for about 5 years and ill tell you its still going strong for me, and im an experienced player. Good choice of guitar, either that or an esp ec-10
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Thanks for your help on this. In response to what kind of music I play, its fairly varied, I'm starting to move more into blues, I doubt I will play much metal but I cant say I've ever had the chance to play it before. The guitar I have just sounds utter s***e so I only use it to run through some tab if everyone is asleep (unplugged). The les paul special ll looks like a pretty solid choice for around the £100 mark though.