i have a Vox VT40+ and i'm looking for a multi-effects pedal to go with it. The problem is the metal channels giving a harsh sound after picking a note... Known as snare brush. I was wondering if a good pedal on a cleaner channel can become metal, without the snare brush. I love the vt40+ for everything from clean to hard rock but it does not do metal.

Either that or get a new amp with an OD pedal. Ive been looking at Ac15c1, and peavey classic 30. I play primarily blues rock, but occasionally step it up to Guns n roses, or metallica.

IVe been playing for 5 years now and im also a fan of jazz.

So is it pedal with VT40+
Or new amp with pedal? TUBE AMP!

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As much as I like vox vt's either of those other amps are a massive upgrade. I'd go with tube amp and pedal.
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Quote by ibanezrocker13
I love the vt40+ for everything from clean to hard rock but it does not do metal

This sums up the Vox VT range perfectly

I definitely wouldn't recommend pedals though - I used to have the VT40 & never thought it worked well with pedals.

I also wouldn't recommend investing in pedals until you have a quality tube amp to play them through. That's definitely the next step in your journey towards the perfect setup.
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I'd get a new amp first.
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