Thinking of trading 6505+ for a combo. Still playing metal, but I find this amp is a bit generic albeit a great amp. Was leaning towards Jet City combo or even an Orange Lunchbox amp. Even though they're heads, they are a bit smaller and not as much to lug around. Should I just get a decent cab for my 6505+ or should I get something else? Price range $900. Live in Paragould Arkansas.
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What speakers are in your cab? V30's sound really good with them.

Look at a used Krank Rev Jr or K-stein Jr they run $300-$400 used and are really nice
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Note that 2x12 combos aren't fun to transport seeing they can weigh 70+ pounds and are awkward to carry. I'd rather have a 2x12 cab and a head than a 2x12 combo. Just my 2 cents.
Head and cab is so much easier to carry then a 2x12 combo.
I can carry my 2x12 in one arm (just grab the side handle and lift) and then come back and get my head from the car

On topic more so, a nice 2x12 cab is what id get rather than changing everything first.
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The Kranks are a great choice if you're wanting something different. They have a very unique sound to them, the midrange is distinctly Krank. Try one first if you can though, they're very love/hate,
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