hi all, new here and deaf for over 35 years- just got a cochlear implant done and starting to learn guitar- question- i picked up a guitar and amp (used) but noticed i should have a distortion unit for some parts of songs, im not not sure how these work, from what i read your guitar sounds normal until you push the footswitch, then it distorts, is this how this works?- i was looking for something cheap to see if i could use it, found some 'boss' units and simliar on ebay- any advice? TIA- john
Wow, good for you!

What guitar and amp do you have?
Some amps have an onboard distortion you can readily activate with a simple switch, others may need to have the distortion provided by an external distortion pedal like the Boss ones you were looking at.
What style of music are you going for?
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bought a used ibanez (ax 120 i think it is)- and a raven rg60 amp- problem is the amp doesnt work with a footswitch, i like a little reverb in it and 'gain' so i thought and external unit is in my best interest- im playing simple songs now like blowin the wind, mr tamborine man,hard days night and stuff like that- old songs from the 60's i can hear better- trying to write one at the moment too. anyway- i tried numerous footswitch models at the local shop, and non work with the raven amp, best i can do is hold it down to temporary switch channels
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