Hey, so I'm currently a bass player, I have an inkling to get an electric guitar. Mainly for fun, jamz, recording and the possible gig here and there.

I have a budget of about 650/750 AUD but could stretch to 1,000 (But I'd rather buy some pickups)

Music I like, Punk, Ska, Pop Punk, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Grunge, Rock and Classic Rock, Hip-hop, blah blah this isn't -really- helping.

Basically I want a really nice clean tone that gets a tight rhythmic chunk with the right muting to put through a good pedalboard (including swollen pickle, muffs, chorus, etc. etc.)out of a bass amp, that last part is gonna happen, sorry.

So I think I like telecasters, played a few, but I really want a humbucker by the bridge, and I can't seem to find any that really fit my view, I like the standard lipstick for the clean rhythm/leady bits, but the single coil by the bridge is too twangy for anything I want to do, besides sweet lead licks fuzzed out to the max, but I've played a few LP's SG's and even the Tele Blacktop with the HH config, and I really am fan of those bridge sounds, but their necks got way to boomy for rhythm.

In short, I want a versatile rhythm guitar, definition of stabbed chords, dynamic and pretty clean tones. Guitar mods are acceptable.

Do I ask too much?

Edit: I'm also considering a build option with a Mahogany body and neck, because mahogany sounds so sexy. basically I have no idea on git-box pickups or what I need for what I want. Coil tapping sounds like a good idea. What are some other good idea's? I have my eye's on a set of Duncan Pearly Gates, the description on the website sounds pretty good and I also love Warren Hayes.
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Check out the fender Tele 72 thinline. You could put a coil tap in the neck. They are too bright for me and I'm not a fender fan but I played one after seeing Jonny Lang and if you like the Tele, this might work for you.
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