Guys, I need help.

I used to be in a relationship with this girl. Nothing serious, and it only lasted a few months. However, towards the end of our relationship I began to become really clingy. Like, creepishly. I had to know her every move, every word, and every thought. It scared her, and I didn't even noticed it at first.

We broke up shortly after this clingy phase began. But for almost an entire year, I couldn't get her out of my mind. Every thought I had was about her. I stalked her on Facebook, I tried to "randomly" show up at places I knew she would be. I even tried showing up at places where her friends would be, hoping they would just mention her.

For a while now, I thought I had overcome this addiction.

But it's recently started again. It got so bad that I was dreaming about her. AND, I'm in another relationship with another girl at this point. I've deleted all our old emails, and blocked her on Facebook but I still can't help but be constantly aroused by just the thought of her.

We talked for about an hour the other day, after almost 2 years of no communication whatsoever, and all of a sudden during the conversation she just stopped texting me back. I deleted her number and the messages but I still just can't stop thinking about her. I'm going crazy.

Pit, help me. How do I get over this?
There is literally nothing anybody on this site can do for you that will actually help outside of telling you to see a therapist.

See a therapist.
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