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Sweet dreams by Marilyn Manson, his reamke is cool, and easy
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Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Feeling Good (the Muse cover, I don't even know if the original has a bassline)

Banquet - Bloc Party
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anything AC/DC


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Originally posted by jimmeh
I'm gonna try and teach my gf bass. I've only tried once, and we were both naked and still in bed, so it didn't work so well.
the clash - london calling
c'mon c'mon - von bondies (fast but easy after some practice)
gotta get away from me - offspring
this fire - franz ferdinand
intro to jimmy jazz - clash
stand by me - clash
break on through - the doors:

dont drag me down - social distortion
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it might sound stupid but "scotty doesn't know" from Euro Trip is really easy

the nib solo isn't too difficult either
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Smoke on the water-Deep purple (very easy for bass players just starting off)
King nothing-Metallica
sweet child o mine-Guns N' Roses

these are all songs that are hard but takes practice
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longview and sweet child o' mine are hella good tabs to begin on. good call man
try zeppelin how many more times, even if you dont want to play the song its a pretty standard blues form

i think i put it somewhere on this forum already, so check back a few pages to see if you can find it.
I dunno if anyone wrote this yet....but,

Another One Bites the Dust - by Queen

is a really good song and is easy to play. or even the intro to "Crazy train" (by ozzy) is fun and easy!
I remember back when i was a are some easy songs that everyone knows....

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Dammit - Blink 182
American Idiot - Green Day
Intro of Crazy Train - Ozzy Ozz Ozz

Also try to get the bass tabs for a lot of rap song. About every rap song has a bass in it so try to learn those. My advice for every beginning bassist who is trying to get better. Keep sticking to simple basslines like Blink 182. Once u got that down, try to start learning songs from Green Days album International Super Hits. Once you got down comfertable with playing with a pick and doing pull offs, start trying to do slap pop. To do that, jus keep practicing playing songs u would usually play with a pick. Also a good idea is to pick ur favorite mudvayne song, and keep trying to learn that by using slap pop and double fingers and the other playing styles that ryan uses. Once u got that one mudvayne song down, learn another one. and another one. Then start learning primus. Once u got that...i would say ur pretty good. Now all u gotta do is start writing music. But it better be good.
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Down on the Corner - CCR
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Originally posted by RedTears

EDIT: Hysteria by Muse is a good one. There's a thing on this site for it.

not the real version, that's pretty hard cos you're supposed to play an open note behind nearly all the others. I've been plying for about 6 months and I can only do it with lots of hammer ons and pull off. I'm not sure how the guy really plays it. I recorded them at glastonbury but it's too hard to see.
But you could do it if you forget the open string notes.
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Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Most Blink-182 songs ('cept for the new ####)
well the first songs i learned were

another one bites the dust-
brain stew-
iron man-
smoke on the water-
smells like teen spirit-
7 nation army-
boulivard of broken dreams-
american idiot-
come as you are-
i'm not okay (i promise)-
The Red-

all fairily easy songs i played them all at my first concert after practiceing them for 2 months(i was a fill in i have my own band!!!)
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Anesthesia- Metallica

Just kidding. Try Paranoid by Sabbath.
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aaah! Smells like Teen Spirit is incredibly easy! Only 4 different notes, over and over and over...

Originally posted by Corbs
idunno, AC/DC doesn't have much bass

That's bull, you should watch their videos.

yeah. oh course they have bass.
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I just started and the two songs i learnt first are

Holiday and Blvd. of Broken Dreams by Green Day...Holiday is a little harder to learn, especially the solo, but Blvd. of Broken Dreams is easy if you listen to the song a couple of times...
Anyone I'm looking for a bass guitar transcription for the song "somewhere in the middle" by dishwalla.
I'm a beginner in bass playing.
I'm having a hard time in listening to the song, a tab would be a great help. Thnx!!!! peace y'all.
Come as you are by nirvana is probably the most famous, easy bass riff that comes to mind... sorry, i play guitar, don't know too many more....
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try brain stew by greenday or wake me up when sep. ends by greenday they are relly easy
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som of the easiest bass songs are

smells like teen spirit - nirvana
here today gone tomorrow - ramones
seven nation army - the white stripes

umm any ramones, nirvana, the white stripes, sex pistols, and maybe a little black sabbath...those are some good starting bands.

i wouldnt get into anything like the red hot chili peppers when your just beginning, cus flea is a phenominal bass player.

just play the songs i listed and the bands and youll get a good start.

Quote by basswarrior
the intro to crazy train, the rest is hard

Actually I'd say the whole of crazy train.

Town Called Malice by The Jam too.
Le Sraah
White Stripes- Seven Nation Army(my freind, who had never even held a bass learned it in 5 seconds, plus its good)
The best beginner solo is 45 by shinedown
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If you want a little more of a challenge on Smells Like Teen Spirit...Learn the guitar solo Kurt plays..Its really easy and you can play it easy on the bass..

Ive made a tab for Mellowship Slinky In B Major by Red Hot Chili Peppers..its pretty good but I was too lazy to write in alllll of the rythems and complicated things in it but theyre not too hard to figure out... All Nirvana songs are really eassyy I can learn them in about 2 mins so theyre not too hard.. I play ALOT of RHCP though because they are my favourite and bass is just awesome..Flea rocks I know almost all songs on BSSM and most of them are hard for begginers...But once you get more advanced really fun songs that arent tooo tooo hard are 'My Lovely Man' aweesoomee funky bass line I love it! and 'Apache Rose Peacock' great bassline..those are reallly fun and great sounding both off of BSSM hope I helped.
Hallelujiah- Bamboo

Don't Know If I spelled it correct...Well if ur in the Phil. You know this song

I Started Off With these:

With Or Without You - U2
Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
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Hysteria by Muse- it sounds really hard, yes, but if you keep listening and look at the tabs its easy

- -

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine- by The Killers

- -

She's Got Issues- by The Offspring

- -

just a few good random ones
every bassline for ac/dc is very simple and can be learned and memorized in 2 minutes. Sublime has alot of sweet basslines. red hott chili peppers stuff is alittle more advanced but still simple. another one bites the dust. and stuff like that
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