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T-Bone (Bass)
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I played For whom the bell tolls as one of my first melodies on the bass, pretty easy bass line and dont get confused by the intro, it is bass and it is easy, but I had a tab marathon at first.
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thanks, theyre all really useful.
ive been playing bass for almost a week now but i was finding it hard to decide what to start with.
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they aren't exactly my fav. band, but anything by blink 182 is pretty simple
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One of the first songs I learned to play on my bass was "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. When it gets to the fast part with the drums its a lot of fun to play!
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Suck my kiss- RHCP

EDIT: Hysteria by Muse is a good one. There's a thing on this site for it.

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Clapton - Cocaine
Cream - Sunshine of Your Love
Nirvana - Well, pretty much all of their songs
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Those were my starters

Stay away from Zeppelin tunes. They're deceptively difficult at times. If anyone knows how to play What is and What Should Never Be, you're a better man than I.

P.S. Props to aerogirl - not because she's a chick bassist, but because that SNL skit is sweet. Christopher Walkin - yea.
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this one might be too easy, but Pretend We're Dead by L7 is the first one i learned... any bass line by a chick band is good to start on.
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I love Green Day and theses are the songs I started with

Brain Stew
Hitchin' a Ride

and by other bands

All My Life - Foo Fighters
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Just a Few
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Well, I'm pretty much a beginner, so I'll just write down the songs that I can play:
- Gone away- The Offspring
- Californication- RHCP (it's really not that hard)
- Pretty fly (for a white guy)- The Offspring
- She- Green Day
- Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
- Bad Habit- The Offspring
- Me and my old lady- The Offspring
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I Am Hollywood
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Try Sucker Punch by Five Iron Frenzy, it's a good one to learn/practice faster stuff on the lower strings. I myself don't have a bass, but it helped my friend alot who has one
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how to read tabs ba? thanks
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pretty much any sabbath song, just don't try the wizard and die young
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****ing Brilliant
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The Who-Boris the Spider
Radiohead-The National Anthem (one of the easiest songs I know, that still sounds great)
Metallica-(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
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To start : anything by:
The Ramones
The Sex Pistols

Then learn
Black Sabbath-Ironman, Parinoid
(and Nib once you get a bit better)

Cream-Sunshine of your love

Zepplin- Rock and Roll
Immagrant Song

The Clash-
London Calling ( i just pick that one because it is super easy to hear the bass line)
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randyrhoads rip
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i would have to say... even though i dont play bass i play guitar (same aspect) that system of a downs aerials would be a god bass start... it has slides palm muting bars and lots of individual picking... lots of good skills to have... ull notice n the song that the bass has a # of good skills to start off learning... its fairly ez for a beginner to pick up on as well...
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randyrhoads rip
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or try come as you are by nirvana it has slides and hammer ons u could learn...
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Originally posted by Arth
My friend's been pestering me to learn the bass for Muse - Hysteria. Do u know where to find the best tabs for it?

Exactly try playing all of ironman its not so easy.

Smoke on the Water is by far the easiest thing to learn. you only play 4 different notes the whole time

Another good one is Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day

Good Luck
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Anything blink?
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Pinball Wizard: The Who

or any blink 182 sngs
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a couple songs i learnt to get me going on the bass was:

Death of Seasons(intro) - AFI
Sliver - Nirvana
Ska Sucks - Propagandhi
Longview - Greenday

and for the more expierienced bass player:

Santeria - Sublime
Hyena - Rancid
Mellowship Slinky in B Major - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Maxwell Murder - Rancid


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