Picked up this '83 Olympic White Fender Telecaster this afternoon. Really great price for a guitar in this shape. The bridge pickup was replaced with a Seymour Duncan. The olympic white lacquer gives it a great vintage look. The neck feels thin compared to my AVRI strat, so it's a nice change of pace. The rosewood fretboard also gives a different feel. The action is a little high, may need to have it setup by a local tech. Otherwise, she's a pretty impressive guitar.

You can't go wrong with a good Telecaster. HNGD! Enjoy it!
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I saw in a couple of pictures that on Bucketheads Les Paul (only some pictures) that his neck pickup is painted in white. Can anyone explain to me why he would do this, and if there are any pros and cons.

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The guy wears a KFC Bucket and a white mask during performances, and you're interested in the color of his pickup covers?

Teles are the best
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