Hi guys, I really enjoyed playing safe and sound by taylor swift(Yeah I'm a hunger games fanboy) was one of my very first complete songs I could play fingerstyle in a normal speed

Now I would like to learn "Healing Katniss", never really heard it in the movie to be honest but i liked the sound of it! So I would be greatfull to anyone who can help me identify the tabs and possibly the fingerpicking this guy uses.

I'm trying, but I don't think I've the best ear yet to identify it perfectly, I assume you guys are better than me. Well here is the video, and thank you all in advance for the help!

It sounds so good! i really hope someone will post this on UG some time, this guy on intellimusica has it for pro members only, i do not want to pay for it actually.. 17 bucks for a membership just for this song is just too much. I'd like to learn it so badly!