Heres a video of an install I did. I came up with the idea to use fiber optic lights from a toy christmas tree set, and it ended up being perfect. My customers always ask for this option, What do you guys think?

"I've Been working closely with this Custom guitar Builder Jeff Figley of King Blossom Guitars, I have searched and searched for a better guitar, and I honestly Havent been able to play an instrument better than this. I have played Sadowsky, Eastman, Prs, Vintage gibson, and other high end guitars. Nothing has ever played as good, and easy as one of his guitars. Theres some magic to it, or he's just a genius... either one theres no arguing that KingBlossom is the best of the best, when it comes to Custom Guitar Builders.
But are you good enough to test this guitar to its limits? I know I wasnt..
This is just one his amazing guitars, check it out!"
-Andrew John Beaton (musician/ Triple platinum selling Producer)
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