My 8 year old daughter has expressed the desire to learn how to play the guitar (finally!!! yay!!!). I'm just wondering what would be a good choice. I'll pobably hit the Guitar Center but I'd like to have some opinions. I've read that the Jasmine S34C 3/4 is pretty good but they don't seem to have it at GC, just the regular size. Price range would be <$200... thanks!
i suggest a yamaha CGS102A if you can find it, or whatever they're calling the nylon string smaller yamaha these days. it's got a very short scale - 21.25" - which means very low tension, and it sounds better to me than the jasmine. btw, my 6'7" husband plays it sometimes with no problem, and it's my couch guitar, yet it's small enough for an 8 year old. while yamaha makes a steel string 3/4 dread, it doesn't sound great, although i ended up with a well intonated one that sounded pretty good with silk and steels. both the little yamaha guitars are well under $200.

another guitar worth checking is the laguna little brat (model number is LD1). we have one of those in our living room, as well. i don't like the tone as well as the yamaha nylon string model or the little martin, as the bulging back of the LD1 adds just a hint of a hollow sound, but i definitely like the tone better than the taylor baby, and the LD1 has a solid top.

i find the baby taylor doesn't sound good and is pricy, and under $200 leaves the little martin (which sounds better to me) out of the running. the GS mini body is probably too big for an 8 year old, plus it's way over budget. one last option - i have a yamaha guitalele, which is a baritone uke with 6 strings that tunes to the same intervals as a regular guitar but a little higher. i think you're supposed to tune it to A but i keep mine at F#, and don't mind the lower tension. i somewhat prefer the sound, fit and finish of the cordoba version, the guilele, but i think it might be over $200.

if you get any of these budget guitars, DEFINITELY be sure and check the intonation. i've run into a number in stores with intonation issues, but there are always some that don't have those issues, as well.
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Thanks! I'm looking for a steel string acoustic by the way, not a classical. I also read that the Lunas are pretty good, although it looks like their action is a little bit on the high side, which I don't like at all...
you can always adjust the action on the Luna. it's pretty easy to do.
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