Hi I've been browsing for nearby amps for quite some time and I came across an amp which is from 2002, I've asked the seller, but he doesn't seem to know much about it.
I've googled the model, but I can't find anything

So i would ask in here if any of you know anything about this "mystic" amp?
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Any other pictures? I've a sneaking suspicion it's a clone of something, and that may not be a bad thing.
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It's sadly the only picture, but he says that he paid about 550$ in 2003
I've asked if he couldn't put up 1 or 2 pictures more
Given the speaker configuration (4x8" maybe?) and the chassis/cabinet style, I'd guess it's a Tweed Fender clone of some sort. Definitely get some more pictures, including gut shots if you can.
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Maybe a Bassman clone? Those things are awesome
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I just got the pictures, I believe that it might be a copy of the Drive ea30, but I have no idea what kind of amp that is (Seems to be pretty rare)

But anyone have any information about it?

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That's an acoustic guitar amplifier.

As a brand, Pro Drive was what nowadays Stagg, Fame or Harley Benton, for example, are.
A low-budget brand.
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Yeah, definitely an acoustic guitar amp. So if you are going to play electric, don't buy it.
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