I have a Valveking 100w head and was perusing through some mod sites when I saw the recommendation to put a patch cable between the effects loop send and return. I gave it a shot and it sounded like someone pulled cotton balls out of my ears, everything was crisper and tighter and sounded twice as good. I don't know too much about tube amps or effects loops so I was wondering if anyone knew how any why this phenomenon happens?
This is only a guess, but maybe the amp buffers the signal in the effects loop because it expects long cable runs. But since you're just using a short cable, you get the boost?

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If you check out the OP of the Only Valveking thread here at UG will find this documented. It is fairly well known. What jthm guitarist said is probably right on. I'm not technical enough to tell you how that works exactly. If you post the VK thread Cap or someone knowledgeable can explain it.

It def made a diff on my amp. It is like using the dummy jack trick. Run your guitar into Insert 2 and then put a 1/4" jack adapter in Insert 1.

The VK thread can be found in the Rules and Resources sticky.

enjoy the amp - it is a modders dream I hear.

here is my combo when I had it. What cab are you using BTW?

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What cab are you using BTW?

some crusty Kustom 4x12 i got cause it was the only one i could afford. no complaints though, it sounds like the speakers have plenty of room to breathe, if that makes any sense. i tried running it through my friend's crate 4x12 and everything sounded compressed and muffled, mine sounds more open.
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Also, I'm gonna say this till I'm blue in the face, USE THE FRIKEN TEXTURE CONTROL on the amp. That's what makes the Valveking a great amp in my opinion, has the most effect on the way the amp structures its sound.

i love the texture control