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I've been working on these songs for a while, I'm kinda stuck creatively though. It's part of a song cycle tentatively dubbed 'Portraits of a Dying World' (which is more post-apocalyptic than fantasical as was originally intended). The first song (A Dying World) is heavily inspired by the song Surreal State of Enlightenment by the band Textures (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1TnaF0Gpk0). The second song (The Digger of Graves) is the one I'm struggling with, I have the first section down, as well as two others although I'm struggling with transitions these days. If anyone has any input or suggestions of where to take the song it would be appreciated.

C4C, as always.
a dying world.gp5
the digger of graves.gp5
by the way, i stole this riff.
Your riffs are OK, but the songs are way to repetitive. Too many repeated riffs.
Listening to The Digger of Graves: I like how you change the progressions on the same riff, but I think you overused that. Add some riffs to give it a little life.
But I see potential on the riff, very funeral-esque, fits with the title :

Edit: I love A Dying World, but it has the same problem as the other song, it needs new riffs because it ends up getting boring.

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I listened to these a few hours ago, and I remember A Dying World best so I will focus on that. Let me begin by saying I really like your riff ideas. I do agree with the above posters that perhaps a little variety will liven things up a bit. But, I will also say that I listen to a lot of black metal and have a soft spot for repetition- if it's done right. I think you can make this work without changing the arrangement at all, but rather merely adding some new flavor to it. I notice most of your harmonies are octaves- one suggestion might to keep the octaves on the first repeat, and then mix up the harmony with something else on the second, or the latter half of the second repeat. Change up your drum beats- this is one of the biggest things I've learned since starting to program drums is that changing the drum beat can give new feel to a riff. So lets say your main riff repeats 2 or 4 times (I can't remember your exact arrangement), and then goes into riff B. When you go back to the main riff, perhaps incorporate a faster drum beat to give a sense of direction, that you're building up to something. This can be as simple as hitting eighth notes on the snare instead of quarter notes, for example. Maybe throw in some melodies on the bass once in a while. This can become a great track I think, I look forward to hearing your revisions! Hopefully this was somewhat helpful.