Sloppy as hell and first real instrumental cover. Sorry about the intro and chorus.

Fender HM Strat w/ DiMarzio Breed in bridge position -> PodXT (X Tone preset) -> Cubase LE
Peavey Foundation Bass
The drum track is from Russcool's tab.


The high pitch feedback is happening across instruments, and seems to be related to how the PodXT handles high treble settings while using High Distortion settings. I should really Google it and rerecord but I'm tired and lazy so I guess I'll try over the weekend or something. I dunno.

I didn't know the solo when I first tried to record and ended up playing some abomination of shredding sort of resembling the intro to 'Dear Coaches Corner' by Propagandhi and ended up liking it so I kept it.

C4C, as always.
by the way, i stole this riff.