Okay, so I'm planning to buy an amp soon. Here's the deal, I'm very heavily influenced by Buckethead, and I'm beginning to play in a band at local places. So the type of amp I'm looking for is an amp head that can get some Buckethead-esque tone out of it, and provide enough volume for small venues. My budget is 700$, maybe a bit more. Your help or advice is appreciated. Thanks.
You could possibly get some kind of ENGL combo used maybe, they are pretty tight. tI dunno how expensive they're over there though

Bucket has a lot of different tones tho, I'd maybe have a Line 6 Pod or Eleven Rack
I think the majority of buckethead's tone comes from his guitar. The pickups he uses (the airy neck pickup and the face melting bridge pickup) are probably the main source of his tone. I believe he plays Mesa amps, if that helps.
He mainly plays rectifiers. For $700 you can find a single rectifier, rect-o-verb or trem-0-verb combo.
Quote by blitzr35
He mainly plays rectifiers. For $700 you can find a single rectifier, rect-o-verb or trem-0-verb combo.

Ah yeah that's totally true in the USA. Over here, their lunchbox head costs like over 1000 Get a Mesa yeah
Definitely a Mesa Recto. That's where much of his tone comes from. You'll have to go used on your budget, though. Best of luck!
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If you check youtube for his later concerts (the last one was NYE 2012?), I think he had an ENGL Powerball II and a Marshall JVM410 on stage. I did not see a rectifier.
Buckethead played a Gibson through ENGL at Santa Cruz last year. Not sure which ENGL tho, you can find out on one of the gear pages. It's probably >$5000 so I don't know what the realistic alternative would be.
For the majority of his career, he used peavey xxx amps. So i would say get a xxx or a jsx or 3120 since they are all pretty much the same circuits. And the jsx has a noise reduction knob u can find these heads around $600 on ebay