Hi guys,

I am new in the pedals scene. I had until now a multyeffect and now I want to
buy pedals to replace it.
I wanted to buy reverb pedal and distortion pedal for start. The seller in the shop told
me that the basic must have pedal is delay effect - for rich sound. does it true?
what are the uses for delay effect byside repeat your sound and play music like "run like hell"...
Is it for rich the sound? is it a must have effect or just for music with repeat sound?

Delay is used very often. I prefer delays to reverbs personally.

Thousands and thousands of guitar solos use delay. It doesn't always have to be percussive, prominent delay like run like hell.

Definitely a very useful pedal, most multi effects pedals have some kind of delay, so try playing around with that if yours does it.

If you play mainly metal rhythms or stuff like that however, you probably won't need a delay and might be better served with an o/d pedal.

Basically it all depends on your individual needs as to what you should buy. So this information would be helpful for us: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1387138
RIP Gooze

thanks for the help.

My Genres in music are like: eric clapton, pearl jam, solos...less metal.
Budget - up to 250$.

The seller advised me to buy - Boss DD-3 digital delay pedal.

Can I get the rich sound with reverb pedal as a main effect and all the other effects (distortion, OD...) will get some of the reverb and by that get a rich sound? or is it the delay effect witch gives the rich sound?
What amp do you use?

It's hard to say what you mean by 'rich sound', but personally I'd get a delay pedal before a reverb. It sounds like you need to go to a store and sit around trying a bunch of different pedals out to work out what you want.

For delay, I'd recommend a TC Electronics flashback (or alter ego) over a DD-3 personally.
RIP Gooze

Reverb simulates the natural reverberation of a room. Delay is distinct echo repeats.
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Here is a demo of a good delay pedal that also shows different uses for delay as an effect.


Here is a demo of a reverb pedal that shows different uses for it.


Here is a Pink Floyd song that shows how subtle delay on a solo can enhance the tone. It sounds like he's using some other effect, but it's still a good example of subtle delay on a solo.

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