Just when i thought i had my pedalboard sorted out, i came down with GAS. Go figure.

Now i have to rearrange the power distribution from the Fuel Tank to my pedals.
One output per pedal is no longer an option, i'll have to daisy chain a few from the same output.
I know that i have to coordinate the power consumption of the pedals with the maximum supplied by each outlet on the Fuel Tank, no issue there.

What i'd like to know is what types of pedals benefit from being supplied power straight from one of the isolated outputs? (Without sharing via daisy chain.)
Dirt pedals? Modulation ones? Tuners? Does it matter if they're digital or analog?

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
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The only ones that really need it are things like old fuzz faces that have a +'ve internal ground. There are others. You have to look inside really and see which side of the battery goes to ground.
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Sometimes when you daisy chain pedals together there will be noise problems. Often happens with fuzz pedals, a number of EHX pedals seem to do it, as well as a lot of cheap pedals. Find the culprit of the noise and isolate it. A number of my delay pedals seem to have some kind of clock noise when not isolated too.

It's not really a type of pedal, but more just some specific pedals in my experience.
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