I'm doing a Research Project for school, and my question is "What is the best way to build and design, your first Electric Guitar?"

Part of my research is a survey, and if you have the experience to answer the questions and of course the time to answer the questions, that would be wonderful.

The link to the survey is HERE

Thank You
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Get a kit and build that first
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Quote by Robbgnarly
Get a kit and build that first

I agree with Robbgnarly 100%, try a kit first
I agree, build a good kit first. Plan on building more than one to maximise the tool and time invested. Your third build will be way better than your first. First build is a practice guitar to refine skills and see if you like the challenge. Start simple, don't buy high end parts if you don't think you will finish the project. Good luck.
Honestly, this is an afterthought, but if your going to build a Strat copy, or something, then a kit will do just fine. Hell, ordering a body off ebay is great for the experience. I have found that I have learned alot simply by refinishing and modding guitars I already have. +1 to the "don't buy expensive parts if your not going to finish" comment above. Long story short, anyone could potentially build a guitar, but only if they want to put in the time and money.

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