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I tend to have episodes of sleep paralysis. It has gotten to the point that it influences me on how I play/make music. These songs/snippets are a mirror of what I dream, of what I feel everytime an episode occurs.


Your sleep paralysis definitely leaves a different impression on you than mine does to me haha. If I recorded immediately after sleep paralysis it would sound like something out of a horror film!

In regards to the song, I liked the transition between the opening reversed section and the main part of the song. Very surreal and ethereal.
I really loved the song. Very dreamy.

I've only experienced sleep paralysis a few times and every time I've seen a horrible goblin looking creature standing over me. Definitely not fun.
Haha, yeah, some episodes aren't really that scary, but still creepy.
This one though https://soundcloud.com/tiqueu/maze-hunt scared the living shit out of me. I was stuck in a maze while being hunted by...something, I don't really know what, I'm just glad that I managed to wake up before meeting that creature.
Thanks for the feedback guys .