First off, holy hell it's been a while since I've been on here. Things have changed a bit. Now, to business.

I've got a cheap Squier Affinity Strat purchased in back in '06. Couple years ago I dropped in a loaded pickguard with some GFS PAFs. As my knowledge of guitars grew, I discovered that the truss rod in the neck was stripped. Chances are it had always been that way. I've put up with it for a while but enough's enough and I'd like to have a properly functioning guitar. Came across this neck on eBay from the newer Classic Vibe series. Any reason why everything wouldn't be hunky dory with the newer neck and the older body? Neck pocket sizing or something is what's worrying me. I seem to recall Squiers tend to be too shallow, and I'm really aiming for a nice and low set up here.

tl;dr '06 Squier Affinity Strat body with newer Squier Classic Vibe neck. Y/n?
Yet another link to my Will this neck fit... thread.

Seems like you're aware of the issues though. Unless anyone has specific info on your exact situation it may well be that you don't really know until you try it.

Here's hoping someone turns up with the answer.
FWIW, I put a blank "Ibanez-style" neck on my Squier Affinity ('03 model) a long time ago and it went perfectly. The neck was a 24-fret but really all I had to do was lop off the last two frets and do some slight heel shaping. I eventually put the original neck back on. Never quite got used to the new one. Here's an old pic.


I know it isn't really the same as a CV neck but that was my experience.