"Are you gonna buy a Russian bride and figure out what else you need?
And if you get bored, get ripped in 6-8 weeks."

"Took a taxi to writers block/wonder what I'm doing there
Took a spin went around came down and now
Feel myself gettin sucked into your atmosphere"

Some lyrical quotes to entice you to listen.

Recorded these tracks at a nearby studio - the aim was all live, no overdubs and no more than 3 takes - this is the end result.

6 more songs are written and will be recorded the same way with the aim of making it an album.


Tracks in question are:

Live Through My Dreams
Thesaurus Song
Happy Days

crit for crit.
Ya know, we have a sub-forum for this stuff.
See up there in the recording section, the one labeled "original songs"?
There you have it.
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