Dude, nice guitar. Nice playing too, its always good to hear a solid bodom cover. The reverb/echo made it a little hard for me to hear the drums, but since I've heard the solo before I could tell you got the timing pretty well. Good job man
@DiminishDarknut ty buddy , am with u that the echo covered on the drums as i decreased the backing track volume after i recorded this ... anyway thanks alot for your feedback

@soundSolemn thanks alot bro
i will check urs now
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Cheers \m/ \m/
Awesome chops man!
The solo sounded awesome you pulled off those fast runs pretty well.
The only thing was that some of the notes you played sounded slightly out of tune to the solo in the backing track. I was wondering if your guitar was intonated correctly? If your guitar was set up perfectly, i guess it'd just be a matter of practicing those bends/vibratos a bit more.
Other than that, you did a really awesome job.

I was wondering if you could check out a cover i did? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1634642