Hey guys, a little over a week back i uploaded a video of me jamming with my new ibanez. Been in a rut playing wise for the past few weeks, but i figured Id share this video, Id love to hear what u guys think! I didnt really go full shred in this one, tried to do some different stuff. Id love to hear any crit/advice you guys have! Thanks!


As always, Ill C4C!


Jake P
Yeah, you clearly can play really well and clean. Very good technique. The sound was also good. But the soloing sounded like it was just ideas after ideas with no connection between them. Use more space in your solo. I know it was just noodling around. But to connect your ideas, maybe have more space between them.
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I type as I listen...I love the intro riff/melody, I hear some Arabic style soloing - good, good!

the EMG's will give more gain and power but you might lose some of the natural feel of non active pick ups (are those in this Ibanez active?)

yes a bit better structure is needed for solos but the technique is there

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