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What is the best way to go down the fretboard chromatically, 4 notes per string. Do you put all 4 fingers on the fretboard and remove them one by one, or do you only put one finger on the fretboard at a time. Also, do you begin with an up-pick or down-pick?

I'm trying to clean up my style because while going down, I usually have trouble raising my middle or ring fingers in time. Before I use my metronome, I'd like to make sure the technique I'll be practicing is perfect. An example might be the end of the Beast and the Harlot solo by Avenged Sevenfold.

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"All 4 fingers on the fretboard and remove them one by one" makes more sense from the energy/time/distance saving perspective, it has also been advocated as good technique.
No real disadvantages to it either.

You should be able to pull it off beginning with an up-pick and a down-pick, all ups and all downs. Practically you should be able to pull it off with any combination you desire/need.
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Yes you put all the fingers on the fretboard, but you don't push down with every finger. You only push down with the finger you are fretting with, the others should relax on the string. You only want to put energy on the finger actually playing the note you are playing at a given time, and making sure the rest of your fingers are relaxing.

You should also be able to start with both a down and up pick. It shouldn't make a difference.
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