Neck works great! bridge doesn't. It sounds like the volume is turned down almost all the way. even though it's turned all the way up. The hot connection is great and so is the ground. All connections are perfect I went and double checked and everything is great. Could it be a faulty pickup? what did I do wrong?
can you post a pic?
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I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that all the wiring is perfect. A lot of things could be goofed up. What you might do, if you have enough wire- just resolder that one pickup direct to the output jack and see if it works then (remove all the other variables with switches, pots, etc). Then start putting one thing back at a time until you see what's breaking it.

The wire out of the pickup is usually coax - with a metal ground shield around the main conductor. If that got nicked, maybe where you're soldering it, it could create a short that saps all the energy out of the wire.

If you have an ohm meter, you could try turning all your volume knobs full on. Then measure the resistance for pickup #1 on, then #2, then both, and report back what you get.

Here are the pictures. I don't feel comfortable unsoldering everything and soldering it direct to the output jack. and I don't have an ohm meter to test it. Should I just take it to a guitar shop? Also...Sorry for the late reply. I don't have a lot of time on my hands...
I'm not sure what options you're considering. Any of those places where you have the braided outside wire could be the problem. When you're soldering, if the inner wire (for example that red wire above), the red insulation could melt allowing the outter wire copper to short to the inner one.

If you have the guitar plugged in and you start moving the wires around, if you hear crackles or something, it could be an indication of where the problem is. But it's hard to tell where the problem is from these. If you're not comfortable with soldering and such (and you don't have some friend that is), you might be stuck taking it somewhere....
I have stuff like this happem to me the first couple of times I tried to do my own work.

My best advice, is that if you've carefuly inspects it (ensure all connections are solid, look for any burnt/melted wires, cold solders ... etc) and nothing seems out of place, then take it all apart, clean everthing up, and try again

Like the others have said, it's pretty hard for us to tell exactly what might be going on there. Odds are it's some small goof up in there somewhere.

Don't feel bad or discourged, it's happended to us all at least once
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