i often scribble a list of bands to check out and when I find one I like I'll marathon whole albums. I use Pandora a lot and have 45 genre specific stations which is great for discovery, or sometimes I'll just flip through a magazine and youtube every band mentioned. If I was rich I'd prob be one of those shutins with thousands of records and cds in my room just listening to new stuff all the time. Sometimes I feel like it's my duty in life to listen to every band at least once...excluding a couple genres of sh*t I cant stand.

Mostly tho I run up a list of bands I want to hear more of and quite often I'll spend the day listening to only one band.

Wbu? Are you crazy like me or do you just have a few bands you listen to all the time? Do you run from a band after a single song if you don't like it or do you only listen to what's on your friends t-shirts?

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Friends, Wikipedia, artists that my favorite artists like. It's all intertwined, just start with one artist and read on influences and who they influenced and you can go for days.
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only when a band that i already love releases a new album will i give it my full undivided attention. other times, i'm doing something else like reading random stuff online. i've realized that not all music requires intent listening, and the way you tell is by noticing when you get bored.
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I only listen to a small number of bands at any given period of time. I come across similar ones via youtube related videos or random youtube pages where they post random bands of whatever genre. 9 times out of 10 it's shit but every once in a while I find something decent enough to listen to it often and look out for new material.
Most of the new music/albums I get nowadays are records. Pretty much always have music playing in our house unless a movie is on, so I'll listen playing video games, cleaning or just online doing nothing. If it's something I'm really looking forward to I'll download it and listen to it while I'm walking
Last.fm So you can make fun of my taste in music
Youtube So you can make fun of my videos
I youtube artists I like and find new artists in the suggestion box. If I like one song enough by them I will research their records, EPs ,etc and I will then... Like new music.....
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I tend to be really decisive and aggressive when I first listen to a band. I've found that I usually know pretty much straight away whether I like it or not, anyway.

So my strategy is to listen to one song, if I hate it straight away I don't go back. If I feel like it has potential, I'll listen to a couple more songs.

My friends hate it when I judge their band suggestions immediately but I've found that when you try to like something for someone else you end up hating it even more... then you have the problem of being sent more similar sounding stuff, being invited to shows for bands you don't really like, etc.
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I don't, I listen to 93.7, and they keep playing the same crap over and over again, mainly rolling stones, which suck, and occasionally they'll play metallica and AC/DC. It beats listening to hip hop and emo british rock.

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Music sites and stuff where I can get shares and stuff. Review and blog places that focus more on new releases, just the basic last.fm recommendations. Just having various sources to find new artists from.
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I use Spotify, online streams, and occasionally Youtube to listen to stuff unless/until I buy it or acquire it from a friend. I read a lot about music so I try to listen to whatever sounds interesting or my speed, and anything that gets overall good reviews. I read/frequent/have bookmarked Pitchfork, The AV Club, Sputnik, MetalSucks, NPR Music, Property of Zack, Steel for Brains, Bandcamp, Consequence of Sound, The Talkhouse, AbsolutePunk, and Noisey, and I listen to stuff that friends recommend, that bands/musicians recommend via Twitter, Facebook, etc., from bands/musicians that tour with bands/musicians that I like, from bands/musicians I see live before hearing on record... so yeah, I listen to a lot of music.
You just read about artists who have crossed paths and stuff, I got all of Black Sabbaths albums up to the Dio one's, then I got the albums he done with Rainbow (before they turned into a pop rock band), then through them I got into Deep Purple.
I use Spotify's new music/related artists functions, as well as just going into local record shops and buying CDs/records that I think have cool album covers. When I worked in hifi retail, I would ask people who brought in their own CDs if I could rip them onto our NAS drive.
various questionable methods, /mu/, UG articles, Rate Your Music, Tumblr, Last.fm etc. I set up a playlist for my backlog and listen through it when the fancy takes me. I also use bus rides as a chance to listen through my PMP.

Spotify is the musical incarnation of Satan.
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I tend to go on Youtube or Spotify and see related bands. Click on one that looks okay (problem is that you're judging a band by it's album cover for Spotify) and listen to one song. Like it, listen to a couple more when you're in the mood, but remember to listen to the band again if you leave it a couple of days =p Of course, for youtube, I listen to music which is actually a similar genre to the song I'm listening to, not Katy Perry's Roar as a suggestion for me or that bs
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