I like to look over Craigslist List & the Rondo Music site, usually in that order. I stumbled onto a Hadean EG-532 BR. In the icon view it had a design and finish I couldn't quite make out. After opening it and looking at the various sides and angles I realized it had a Chinese classical art scene. The type you usually see framed on rice paper. A village scene with people at a riverside and boats etc. It had that nice antique sepia tone and was clear but not razor sharp. It's a Les Paul copy like one of their Agile guitars. It had basically the same specs as the Agile models and the more I looked the more I was liking it. So I bought it. $139. I got a tweed case too. The whole deal was $232. A brand new LP copy with hard tweed case for not a lot of dough. I just got it today. Straight out of the box it needed a new set of strings but otherwise not a lot of setup was needed. Action was good. Intonation was good and the finish was beautiful. This guitar was built like a brick s*&^-house for $139. Double binding top and bottom of the body, double bound head and single bound neck. The electronics on these are mediocre at best and I think there might be a potential grounding issue with the 3 way switch. Otherwise it sounds pretty damn good for $139. I usually like to upgrade the pups and electronics on these anyways. I get those H-buckers from Dragonfire - $35 for the set and they rock. There's a certain irony in this for me. All the furor over Chibson fakes and the paranoia of being duped by some unscrupulous huckster on eBay selling Chinese junk at ANY price. This guitar isn't hiding anything. It's right up there in your face sayin' I'm Chinese and I'm proud!
I'm going to refurb this one as a pure Rock 'N' Roll axe. Loud and gritty Jimmy Page wiring and super hot pups. This should be a lot of fun, and cheap too.
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I kept looking at that guitar for the longest time and saw that it finally disappeared from the Rondo site. Now I know where it went, lol. The design didn't do much for me, but it looked like a pretty nice guitar and everything you said confirms what I've found to be true of Rondo. I picked up a twin P-90 surf-style guitar last November and have been really happy with it. It's a quality instrument for not much money. Enjoy the new guitar!
Given that there are people paying well over that amount for a single pickup, the fact that you can get a fairly decent and very usable guitar at that price is pretty cool.
I just looked at the Rondo site and it still has this guitar except they took it off sale and raised the price twenty bucks. So jds2, you can wrestle with your GAS once again. I now own 3 of these LP copies. 2 Agile and this Hadean which is quality wise is on par. One cool feature I forgot to mention - it has no identifying headstock logo or any numbers, letters or anything anywhere on the guitar. If it doesn't say something like Gibson or Fender it doesn't need to say anything. That way you can make up your own fantastic story regarding it's origins.