Hey everyone,

So i have a question.. I'm trying to decide whether to go with The Polytune 2 as my tune and purchase a separate buffer from this1smyne. Or simply buy the Boss tu-3 which i understand has a buffer built into it?

My Current set up is Guitar - 10ft Cable - Vox Wah - Wampler Ego Comp - Akai Drive 3 OD - Wampler paisley drive - TC Elec Flashback Delay - Tc Elec HOF Reverb - 20ft Cable - DR Z MAZ 38NR

I will be looking to add the ISP Decimator 2 at some point along with the MXR 10 Band EQ. So it won't be a huge board but I am noticing a definite loss in treble when using the amp with my current set up vs plugging straight in so i'm simply looking for advice.. do i save the cash and go for the buffered tuner or spend the extra and get a good buffer and a true bypass tuner.

Thanks so much!


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The Boss buffer kind of sucks. If you need a buffer I'd get a dedicated one.

Are you sure it's not just the wah that's giving you trouble? Wahs generally have awful bypass and no buffer will fix that. Actually, you should check all of your pedals. If any of them are not true bypass, they're the problem. Adding more buffers won't help.

In the same vein - if you have one of your pedals on, it's going to drive the chain. So if you play with, say, your compressor on all the time, it doesn't matter what the chain sounds like with all your pedals off.
I agree with Colin, the wah is most likely your problem.

You have a fairly short pedal chain, and I'm pretty sure all of those pedals are true bypass anyway (aside from the vox). I noticed a loss in high's when I used to have a Crybaby Original.