This is an original for my band, Empire St. Completely self-produced. I played the drums and sang most of the backups.

I had the fortune to work on a couple excellent modern Solid State Logic consoles while putting this project together (Duality SE/AWS 924). Also used some UAD (reverb, master bus effects) plugins for anyone who is curious about their quality.

Take Time

C4C as always!

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Definitely enjoyed this track. Great solid rock music and the MOST important part for me, is that the vocals didn't bother me!! I actually really liked them (especially the backing harmonies). Very nice I really enjoyed the arrangement, especially the chorus which was very catchy and well composed.

I gave your band a follow on twitter and soundcloud. Can't wait to hear some more stuff. Send it my way when you get some more material!! My rock band is currently working on recording an EP soon hopefully so maybe I'll send it along to you guys and see what you think.

Overall great work! Loving the sound you guys have got going. For now if you're doing C4C here's a little metal track I threw together in my bedroom

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I actually joined just to leave a comment on this.

I really, really loved this. Some of the vocals need a bit more depth to them - this wouldn't be a problem live, as opposed to a studio - maybe think of doubling them up at points?

The backing vocals worked perfectly. I just wish there was a second verse similar to the first; the musical interlude seemed to go on a bit too long.

But yeah. Thought it was brilliant, seemed to fit my mood perfectly.
This is great stuff. Love the chorus, very catchy and memorable. The vocal work sounds great and everything sounds mixed very well. Really wish there was another verse like the first, but all in all really amazing stuff, dude.

I look forward to hearing more from you guys!

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Hmm, it has that frat boy sound with a mature writing skill. Catchy rhythms and solid work here. The production sounds a little thin to me, like it needs a richer bass sound and fuller vocal presence.

Seems like a solid song for the genre, for sure.

C4C? Bound and Loved
The production is top-notch. Great, catchy, and fun! The group vox are cool. Lead vocals could use more presence and a fuller sound. I think you don't have enough low-end in the mix; like it sounds a bit hollow. Nice and warm vocal tone. Awesome playing on both the guitars and bass. My few favorite things about the song in general are how well the drums hold up the rest of the song and keep the track flowing, the guitarwork is very clear and keeps me wondering where the song will end up in the end, and the duel vocals in the later half of the song. Great work!

To everyone who offered their thoughts: Thank you very much! Don't think I've forgotten about leaving a crit, I have been very preoccupied with school but will reply to each one of you shortly!
Standard Strat
Jackson WRMG
Parker DF724

Axe-Fx Standard
Carvin DCM1000L

Mesa Trad. Slant Recto 4x12 (UK V30s)
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This is really cool! High production value. Cool mixing like around 1:00 with the duelling guitars in stereo. Although, the lead coming right after is drowning. That might be intentional.

On to the song itself, it's a very interesting and dynamic song with some really solid playing and singing overall. Definitely enjoying it a lot and definitely going to download that to my collection. Not sure I'm a huge fan of the style of the lyrics, but they do fit the song very nicely.

My only complaint is that I wish it was a little longer. It feels like it's only the beginning af an epic.

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