So I got myself an Ampeg Portaflex 800 and also got a Ampeg SVT-212AV with it. Im new to having a head and cab and not just a combo and im not quite sure how I should be running it in order for me to not blow the speaker or amp. The PF800 is 800 watts at 4 ohms and the cab is supposed to handle 600 watts at 4 ohms. Is there anything I should know about making sure I dont break anything? As far as I can tell it seems pretty straight forward as there is only one output on the amp and one input on the cab. I guess im just confused cause if I plug into the cab would I not be running 800 watts of power into it which is more then it can handle?
One more question I have is if I eventually wanted to run this 2x12 with a 4x10 as well, how would I go about doing so? Sorry if these questions are stupid, im just seriously dumb when it comes to wattages and ohms and such. Thanks