Guys, I need to analyze a song for my music appreciation class but I have no idea where to start. I was wondering if you guys know of a site or something that has songs analyzed already that has like the intonation, intensity and that stuff. I don' t even know how to begin to do that, so some help would be appreciated.
Do Johnny Cash. His lyrics are typically straightforward, but the topics are diverse and interesting, and sometimes dark.

Go on Youtube and look up any Tool song. You'll see jerkfests between neckbeards on who can interpret Maynard's lyrics the bestest.
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Go on Youtube and look up any Tool song. You'll see jerkfests between neckbeards on who can interpret Maynard's lyrics the bestest.

Hahahha. Exactly that.
So I think I found a song I like enough to bring to class, but I have no idea where to start analyzing it. Do any of you know where I can get any more information about this song or something it' d be a great help.


The stuff I need to find about the song are Pitch, Rhythm, Melody, Timbre, Dynamics and texture, although I' m tempted to just kinda describe how I feel about the song since I know jack shit about analyzing music...
**** that shit. All that matters is that it sounds good on the surface level :blazeit:
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I wrote a paper on Roulette Dared by TMV. There's a website that describes that album really well.
Try the Musician's Talk forum. You might get a few more serious answers.

When analysing a song you want to think about what it is that makes you like the song. Is it a melody? Is it an interesting rhythm? Try to pin point what you like about that song.

Focus on contrast. Contrast is a powerful tool and extremely common in any artform. In music, contrast can come in plenty of different forms. You have loud vs quiet, fast vs slow, clean vs distorted, consonance vs dissonance, familiar vs unexpected etc etc.

Is there anything in the piece of music that provides contrast?

Consider also the following aspects of music...
Lyrics (if any)

Are there interesting rhythms? Syncopations? What is the time signature?

What about the melody? What is the melodic range? Are there large leaps? Are there repetitive melodic ideas in the music? Is there a call and response? Is it a long rambling line of melody?

What chords are used? Does it stick to one key? Are there strong cadences? Is there a balance of static and dynamic harmony? Are there interesting harmonies or unexpected chord changes? Is it a common progression, a three chord trick, a two chord vamp?

Are the lyrics interesting? Do they tell a story? Do they follow a particular form? Do they fit with the music?

There are a ton of things to consider in a musical analysis. The first thing is to identify what is interesting about the piece. Listen to it and decide what it is musically that captures you. If you create a thread in the MT forum and note the song you are going to analyse along with all of your initial insights then the regulars there might be able to help you gain some insights.

EDIT: Oh, and it can help a lot if you get your hands on the sheet music.