Hi everyone, I normally play guitar but i want to start playing bass too. today I saw an ad for a jolana iris bass. I don't know much about bass guitar and i don't know what that guitar is worth. Here is the ad http://www.sahibinden.com/ilan/alisveris-muzik-muzik-aletleri-vintage-jolana-iris-bass-151294925/detay/ . It's in turkish and it only says that it's soviet made and is in good condition. 500 tl is worth 228.91 dollars. I'm going to try the guitar today but i wanted to know your opinion. Is it worth the money?

Whilst this looks really cool (and I would love one), for the money you could get a more suitable bass like a Squier VM, Ibanez SR300 or something in that general range.

The only reason I would ever buy one is for my collection as I already own "workhorse basses".
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None of the old Soviet-made guitars and basses are known for being particularly quality instruments. Nowadays they're a cool curiosity for the collector, but if you want something more functional you're probably better off with a modern budget bass.
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I tried the bass yesterday and i liked it a lot. I'm thinking of putting together a stoner-psychedelic band and the bass seems to be suitable for it. I forgot to tell that it's fretless