Hi, I've been trying to tackle a particular song for a while and I can play a sort of a dumbed down version of it, yet I would like to improve it. I got the cords for it online - Am, C, x76750, Dm, G and I've been playing with these, though I'm not so sure about the G cord. Anyway, this is the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibgAFN33no4 (yes it's a French song )

Now, I understand that this is not going to help with the picking, so this is the best video of live performance that I found where the guitarist can be seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j78v6n1CkR4 (He's twisting a bit at the beginning, yet he calms down a bit later )

Thus far I've been strumming the bass note, then the remaining 3 notes of the cord simultaneously and then the highest, then one above and again the highest. E.g. with Am it would be open A, then D2, G2, B1 together and then B1, G2 and B1 again. And actually to get the sound as in the song, when strumming the 3 strings together I release the B1 so it becomes open B, this can also be seen in the video, though it seems that it is sounding twice, though I cannot figure out where.

From the video it appears as sort of a flamenco style picking, he's flicking his fingers and alike. Could someone please identify the picking pattern/technique?
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